1. Lynn Greenfield
Property Services Ltd

Quality Estate Agent Services In London
Lynn Greenfield Property Services Ltd was founded by Lynn Greenfield in April 2015, who has lived and worked in London SE1 for over a decade. She is based in Borough and has extensive knowledge in lettings, sales and property management.
Our friendly and reliable team of letting agents will assist you with each and every step to ensure that you find the property or tenant that matches your requirements and needs. If you require a removals service or a property refurb we can help with that to.
Settle For The Best
We have a cordial and friendly relationship with tenants, property owners, local communities and landlords. Our approachable nature and wealth of knowledge enables us to help both landlords and tenants find exactly what they’re looking for from a standard home to the most prestigious apartments with custom built mezzanine floors , custom electrics or fab services from the likes of , lift maintenance and anything in between.
If you’re looking for homes to rent and landlord solutions get in touch with us today on 07889 996 599. Our trusted local letting agents will be happy to help.

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2. Foxtons

Foxtons was founded in Notting Hill Gate, London, as a two-person estate agency determined to make its mark on the local property scene by doing things differently.

3. Daniel Cobb London Bridge Estate Agents & Letting Agents

Twenty years ago, disillusioned with the property industry, Jenny Cobb identified an opportunity for a truly independent family run agency, built on family values of honesty, support and trust. Fast-forward today and this award winning agency holds those values closer than ever; guiding the direction, growth and culture of the firm. Whether you are about to get on to the property ladder, looking for sound investment advice, or a safe pair of hands to manage your property portfolio we’d love to help.